The Process

The powerful hot water extraction method recommended by carpet manufacturers as the best way to clean carpets.

  1. A pre-spray may be applied to emulsify and break down traffic area soil and general spots to increase chances of removal.
  2. The carpet is rinsed using a hot water extraction machine to inject hot water and a cleaning solution into your carpet under high pressure, flushing ground-in dust and dirt, which is then instantly vacuumed away so that it can dry quickly.
  3. A high velocity air mover is sometimes placed on the carpet after cleaning to promote faster drying.
  4. Any spots or stains still remaining will get extra spotting treatment solutions.

Your carpet will be damp to the touch for a couple of hours, but may nevertheless be used. Caution must be employed stepping from a freshly cleaned carpet onto a hard surface floor to prevent slipping.

Hot water extraction is the best way to get carpets clean. This method not only extracts dirt but the unhealthy contaminants that lie deep within carpets.