The carpet in your business represents an image of your company and also plays a role in its environment. Bluehouse will implement a carpet cleaning system for all your commercial flooring needs.
Regular maintenance is required as professional settings handle far more foot traffic than residential carpets. The foot traffic soils the fabric quicker, and frequent cleaning is needed to prevent an unhealthy environment.
A professional carpet cleaning programme is crucial to maintaining a clean, fresh and healthy work environment. Bluehouse offers a deep cleaning system that can help preserve the colour and lifespan of your carpet. This process operates top-of-the-range machinery to make your commercial carpets clean and germ free.
Where needed, a high performance pre-spray for pre-cleaning heavily soiled commercial carpet is applied. This alkaline detergent is ideal for public houses, greasy restaurant carpets and traffic lanes. Also included, is a spot treatment that requires special attention to all public carpeted areas.
Bluehouse uses excellent products that can help neutralise and remove bad odour from your commercial carpets. Odour problems in your carpets may require an application of deodoriser or anti-bacterial agent. All products used are non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe.
Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, your technician will be able to get them as free from odours and stains as possible, alongside a deep-down clean and a healthy business environment for customers and employees.
Understanding this service provided may not be ideal during your company’s working hours, an out-of-hours visit may be arranged to ensure minimal disruption.