Bluehouse is a carpet and upholstery cleaners that is proud to provide a quality and professional service.

Supplying an eco-friendly carpet cleaning process to remove pollutants from carpet safely, effectively and efficiently.

Family and pet safe cleaning solutions are carefully applied to refresh and revitalise your upholstered furniture.

Bluehouse offers this convenient and cost-saving cleaning service to all residents of the Isle of Man.

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Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Deodoriser and Stain Treatment

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End of Tenancy

This carpet cleaning method is what estate agents and landlords would expect.
If you need your carpets to be cleaned as part of your end of tenancy agreement, Bluehouse can provide you with a professional carpet cleaning service at competitive prices.


Your carpet is one of the focal points of your home. Having your carpets professionally cleaned is a necessity in maintaining the cleanliness of your home and will help in prolonging their lifespan.
When you choose Bluehouse, your carpets will get a deeper more thorough clean, and a fresh home for you and your family.
The deep clean effectively removes allergens that contribute to your home’s air pollution. This is achieved by a deep clean with a heavy extraction.
Based in Douglas, Bluehouse provides a carpet and upholstery service to residents all across the Isle of Man. It is a professional cleaning service for customers who expect quality carpet care at competitive prices.
Bluehouse will ensure your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned, fast drying times, and a healthier environment!


The carpet in your business represents an image of your company and also plays a role in its environment. Bluehouse will implement a carpet cleaning system for all your commercial flooring needs. Read more→

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The Process

The powerful hot water extraction method recommended by carpet manufacturers as the best way to clean carpets.

  1. A pre-spray may be applied to emulsify and break down traffic area soil and general spots to increase chances of removal.
  2. The carpet is rinsed using a hot water extraction machine to inject hot water and a cleaning solution into your carpet under high pressure, flushing ground-in dust and dirt, which is then instantly vacuumed away so that it can dry quickly.
  3. A high velocity air mover is sometimes placed on the carpet after cleaning to promote faster drying.
  4. Any spots or stains still remaining will get extra spotting treatment solutions.

Your carpet will be damp to the touch for a couple of hours, but may nevertheless be used. Caution must be employed stepping from a freshly cleaned carpet onto a hard surface floor to prevent slipping.

Hot water extraction is the best way to get carpets clean. This method not only extracts dirt but the unhealthy contaminants that lie deep within carpets.

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